Current Needs

  • Personnel
  • Artists
  • Tools

Personnel Necessary to Accomplish our Strategy

  • Musicians, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Writers, Songwriters, Playrights
  • Theater Personnel:  costume, lights, sound and stage designers; Crew, Stage manager, trainees.
  • Graphic designer
  • Short term helpers: Mission Builders
  • Executive secretaries for the director’s and school leader’s offices
  • DTS staff with a heart for missions
  • Pastoral care ministers
  • Worship leaders that play a lead instrument (piano or guitar)
  • Receptionist
  • Kitchen manager
  • Maintenance manager
  • SOFM Staff with overseas mission experience.
  • Urban Ministry Leaders and workers
  • Children’s ministry leaders & personnel
  • Child Care Workers/Preschool teachers


Performing Arts Discipleship Training School (DTS) focuses not just on the excellence of the skills but on excellence of character, so we can make an impact in our generation. Christian artists who apply a biblical worldview to the whole arts and entertainment industry with excellence and integrity can influence the world with Godly values.

We are looking for writers, singers, performers, musicians, songwriters , composers, artists, and those who enjoy serving in the many, many areas of production, who are prepared to take the time to develop their skills in their chosen area and who will then go and influence the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Tools Needed to Accomplish our Strategy

  • Office equipment:  computers
  • Building supplies:  Paint, carpeting, tools.
  • Classroom equipment:  video projector, conference room tables and chairs
  • Ministry equipment:  sound equipment, puppets, musical instruments, lawn care equipment, Riding lawn mower