Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Discipleship Training School (DTS)
(With a Performing Arts Focus)

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Do you have a passion for dance? Are you a singer? Does art make your heart soar? Or perhaps acting is your thing? Would you like to use your gifts for the Kingdom of God and His Glory? Then the PA DTS is for you! Come and learn more about the God you serve – His plan for creation; His desire for relationship with people; His love for You and His desire for you to walk into your destiny In Him. Learn how to use your gifts to bring others to Christ and to bring Him glory.

When: Fall 2017

We will be flying in and out of the Tampa Florida International Airport (TPA)


Lecture:  January, 2018
Total Lecture Fees: $3,500
(room & board; books & materials)

Outreach: Spring 2018
NOTE: There will be a 1 week Christmas Break!
~ Outreach Ground Fees: $1,900
~ Airfares & Transportation: $1,700 (estimated)
Estimated Outreach cost: $3,600

Crazy DTS Gang Always Having Fun

Crazy DTS Gang Always Having Fun

Discipleship Training School

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus and identify your unique gifts and purpose to use in missions.

DTS is an intensive, residential training course which begins with a 12 week classroom phase, followed by an 8 week outreach time. The DTS emphasizes cross-cultural exposure and global awareness, preparing students to answer the call to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19.

The Discipleship Training School is a requirement for applying as YWAM staff, and serves as a prerequisite to all other training programs.

Getting Ready for Outreach

Getting Ready for Outreach

The lecture phase will take place at our YWAM Tampa training facility for three months. The outreach phase will be in the Asia/Pacific region for two months.

University credit:
We offer all the same elements in our lecture and outreach phase curriculums as the standard Discipleship Training School program, thus fulfilling YWAM’s University of the Nations’ (U of N) requirements in order that you receive full credits for completing a DTS. You will receive a total of 24 college credits through the U of N for completing the DTS.

You will receive weekly teaching from seasoned missionaries providing insight into areas like the nature and character of God, God’s intentions for people and the nations, God’s redemption, God’s family, God’s world and our response to God’s call. Discipleship will also come through small groups, quiet times, worship, intercession, journaling, book reports and weekly outreaches.

Please go to the “DTS Application Forms” page to down load your application. You can contact us with any questions you have by referring to the number or email address below. Once we receive your completed application we will pray over your application and be in touch in regards to your acceptance to the school. If you are accepted you will receive a manual with very detailed information about all aspects of the DTS. You will also receive helpful tools for raising your tuition as you embark on this missions experience.

Upon completion of a DTS, graduates are eligible to apply for staff positions with YWAM International or apprenticeships in “Judah Ben-Hur Productions” or the “Live Oak Theatre Company

Come Join Us!

Come Join Us!


Tuition and Dates of Schools and Programs

Discipleship Training School (DTS)

Jan.17, 2011 to June 5, 2011


Jan.17 – April 9, 2011
~ Lecture Fees for Singles: $2, 900.
~ Lecture Fees for Married Couples: $5,500.
~ Lecture Fees for Single Parents: $2, 900.

Outreach:  April 9 – June 5: costs roughly $2,500 (depending upon your destination

*) Ground fees do not include transportation to the outreach locations, immunization cost, or visa cost.