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Your Partnership with YWAM Tampa Bay is Priceless!

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What will you do to impact nations in your lifetime?
We invite you to prayerfully consider your part in God’s plan to reach the nations in our generation. We also invite you to become a partner with YWAM Tampa Bay as we boldly take the Gospel to the ends of the earth where the name of Jesus has never been heard.

Right now, you can personally have an impact on unreached regions of the world through supporting our missionary work on a monthly basis.

  • You can bring salvation to those who are lost.
  • You can impact Christian leaders.
  • You can plant new churches.
  • You can train new pastors.
  • You can make a difference in our world!

There’s a lot that we can accomplish together! Partnership with us is a win-win deal for everyone! Especially for those who will experience God’s saving love because of your obedience.

YWAM does not pay it’s volunteers in any way. Every full-time worker with Youth With A Mission is dependent solely on the donations and gifts of individuals, churches, and mission-minded companies. Each one of YWAM’s full-time staff in 1031 locations around the globe live out a lifestyle of faith in finances no matter where we work.

A. Process Donation (Tax Deductible)

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B. Paypal (Tax Deductible)

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C. Send a Check (Tax Deductible)

    1. Make check out to “YWAM Tampa Bay
      YWAM is a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization and is audited annually by the IRS. All donations are tax deductible. You will be receipted for all gifts you give no matter which method you choose.
    2. Attach separate note indicating if it is for a specific person or project.
      (for your tax auditing protection, please do not write this on the check).
    3. Mail to:
      YWAM Tampa Bay
      Accounting Department
      34077 Eiler Blvd
      Webster, Florida 33597

      Personal letters can only be sent to the Florida address.

Need Help?

If you have further questions about giving call our accounting dept. Thank you!